Lotsa Life Drawing

I'm gonna take quite the life drawing dump here. Stuff from the Toronto Auto Show and some costumed stuff from class.
car show folk

there was a car playing Skrillex that all the bros were attracted to

hey gurl~ whas yo numba

car gestures

violin man, now we get into the costumed drawings from class

screw the wedding, marry the N64

violent chef and nonviolent chef


tried some cat gestures from video, wish I had an actual cat to draw from :(

workin the marker

these are from the mall, december


songs about cholera

some colored character pieces now, created from life drawings

I'm pleased with this one the most!

murderous chef revenge

vanity and cheap weaves
Mmmk that's it for now!


3D Animation "Thinking Character"

Final assignment for 3D Animation, a character acting and lip synced to a voice clip. I just used one of the sample clips, from Dumb & Dumber and the rig is Koko. I didn't mess with the ears or tail on this rig, I have no idea how they work. :x

Animated in Maya.

Go Go More Stopmo

Two more Stop Motion asssignments I haven't uploaded yet: the walk and the club smash. Clay animals were harmed in the making of the club smash.

Action Analysis Final Leica

So here's the fruits of my labor of first semester. Leica including layout pan 6 seconds of animation. Doing this lineless style saved me so much time and I love how it looks!