Here's some stop motion stuff I've been doing. I've dabbled in stop motion a bit when I was younger, despite it scaring the hell out of me as a kid haha. I'll be having more and more fun with this as the year progresses for sure. :]

Took some cool pictures during our lighting workshop as well. Lots of fun!


October Sketch Dump

Just some more sketches for you fine folks~
lookin good bro
drunk yoshis
Backwards Cat and friends
some designs, and banana Perin


Action Analysis Rough Story Reel

So begins work on the Action Analysis assignment! This is a 30 second story and in final it will have a few seconds of complete animation as well as a finished layout/painting.

This is a rough pass story reel with scratch track (from Paper Mario!), sfx and dialogue.

Stay tuned for updates on the AA!



The summer always seems to disappear when you don't want it to, huh? Glad to be back in the groove though, we got 3rd year Animation rolling in now and I'm pretty damn excited. :] Goals this year include draw a LOT more than I have been and do more sketching... so I got started! Here's some various stuff.

I love cats so much, but damn I need to draw them better/more.

some profs here

Backwards Cat cameo! or...caMEOW

I'm happy with how the chimera critter came out here


dinosaurs and durrs

Also here's an inspirational sketch for a story idea I have. Assuming it doesn't get used for a group film project, I may tweak it myself and use it. I can't explain what it's about but I hope you enjoy this sketch ;)



Some Final 2nd Year Stuff

Preparing for my Anime North table last month left little time to post some of my final work from this year, so here it is now.

For my final character design assignment I used my Egyptian pharaoh character, Ananu in a 6 drawing sequence of discovery!
Here are some highlights from my TV storyboards featuring the same Egyptian characters.
And lastly, an opening shot pan for Layout that was painted in Photoshop, again with the pen tool. I've come to enjoy using that!
 That's it for year 2! Year 3 awaits in September! In the meantime, I'm preparing some portfolio pieces. Stay tuned!


What's the Point of Living

...if you don't have a dick?
Sound clip is from Donnie Darko. Done entirely in Flash. I didn't get a chance to finish cleanup on this, although I'd like to. I'd also like to fix the whole animation up a lot, I'm not that satisfied with it.

Crits welcome.

Also, the youtube thumbnail looks weird :S hmmm


Themed Characters: Ancient Egypt

We had to come up with 4 time-period themed characters that will roll over for storyboard and layout assignments. I love ancient Egypt so I had to choose it, even though I figured everyone would choose it (doesn't seem like they have though!)

I designed this guy based on pictures of Egyptian crocodile statues I found
I read during my research of ancient Egypt that the higher status you were, the more transparent your clothes are. I made Kanila's dress transparent for this reason, also to give her some sexy OOMPH.
This guy turned out to be my favorite, based on Anubis, the god of death obviously.
Bidi is an ibis, which I found out were revered birds in Egypt because of their connection with the ibis headed god of scripture Thoth.
Critiques welcome!


Muzzle + Beak Characters

Oops! I haven't posted my character designs for the muzzle and beak animation yet. Consider that fixed now. I did a 'New Guinea' theme with a cassowary and sugar glider character.
I swear the wattles actually look like that...

classy lady

Have a good one!


DKC Bestiary Art Book - preview sketches

These are sketches for an art project that's been ongoing since December. I plan to make a bestiary art book of every enemy, animal buddy and boss from the 3 Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. I decided to do this simply because I'm a huge fan of the games. The book will be in full color and contain all art by myself. As well as offered for free download when complete (donations accepted/appreciated), I'd like to print physical copies too. Please share with all the DKC fans! :)


January Sketchbook Dump

Some sketches from December and January. I picked up on this really angular style, I love working with it (maybe a little too much)!