"My Father" & "The Leader" Story Beats

These are two poems interpreted into beat boards for Storyboarding class. The boards are rough and only one story will be put into final storyboard.Here's my first one, "The Leader" which I used the story of Moses for.

Here's my second one, "My Father." For this I decided to reverse the characters and make the dad a human and the son a wolf, so he's still alienated in species but not in the way the poem intends.

I'm thinking of going to final with "My Father" so I don't have to deal with the crowd of Hebrews in "The Leader" :S For now it's still undecided. I'll post more work on this in the near future. :)


Solronté Returns & New Sketchbook Sketches

Here's Solronté (the sketch from my last post) in color! I decided on warm colors and grays you'd see in the city on walls and buildings, along with the gold to represent electricity and sun. Also below are two sketches from my new recycled paper sketchbook. I love the texture of it :3

"Out of the Sea, Into the Air" Doodled this coming out of intoxication and listening to this song.
"Bone Elephant" I did the head last night and the body today. I'm not completely happy with the body. I should have just left it as a head...


Solronté, Dragon of the Shining City

A sketch I started on the train back from Toronto last night. I used the city night and sun as my inspirational materials for this dragon. I named him Solronté, accordingly. Not sure how I'm going to approach his body design, it's still a work in progress.


Class starts on Tuesday! I can't wait to learnnnn. :]