Just something as a break between commissioned work.

This is Klump from Donkey Kong Country and I love him ;W ; he's my favorite forever, I mean FOREVER. I wanna lay on his belly |3 I used his color scheme from the TV show instead of the game here.

Just takin' a stroll through the swamp (which I'm surprised how decent the background came out because I'm shit at "painting" stuff like that.)

Also I stayed away from my normal pen and watercolor tools for this picture and opted for conte and oil brushes instead. I like the lines better, I don't have to be so fussy.


Some sketches to start

Well I figure I'll post some sketches I've done recently that I haven't really posted elsewhere. I would post them on my DA and whatnot but I don't have a scanner and it wouldn't look that great presentation-wise. :/ Unfortunately I'll have to deal until I can get one.

Here's Hypno, the pokemon. I drew this after not drawing anything for myself for quite awhile. Everything got bottled up and I just released it through this picture.
Some big cat I drew on the plane while we were landing. It looks diseased but those are just dumb markings.
More sketches the night after I drew the Hypno. I didn't really think about anything, I just let myself draw whatever. The bottom two were inspired by Heironymous Bosch, my favorite painter/artist, known for his fantastic imagery and "fantasy" paintings.
This is some armored lizard dude I drew on the plane. I don't really like it but that's because I just did a one-shot without any planning.
Here's a cobra naga with his heart exposed. Drew this waiting for and on the train.

New Blog!

Welp. It's that time. I've decided to make a blogspot for my adventures through second year at Sheridan animation. I should have done this last year but OH WELL better late than never. I'll also be posting sketches, doodles, WIPs and whatever else.

I also have a Tumblr blog, but I reblog all sorts of stuff on there. Funny pictures, videos, music and other stuff of interest (feel free to follow me there too) so this blog will be entirely focused on animation and my artwork.