Winter Art Dump

Gonna dump some digital artwork I've done lately:
"You'll Be In My Heart"
"First Snow"
"Winter Together"

"The Yellow Wallpaper" for World. Lit class


All these posted on my Deviantart account: lawlzy.deviantart.com


Dancing Titties. Oh, and Expression Changes

Last animation assignment of the semester, the expression change. I didn't do much actual animation for this, instead I drew a lot of expressions. I'm sure you can tell this was the last assignment too!

Happy holidays~ DRINK, EAT AND BE MERRY (and sleep a lot)

It Keeps Happening: Leica reel

Taking the beatboards from a previous blog post, they have been built upon and edited and compiled into the leica you see here.

They were also the basis for Layout, Painting and Sound Design assignments.

Layout workbook for a storyboard panel
Colored the beat boards
A quick watercolor job on my Layout

I enjoyed working on this story project and I'd like to do an animation with it sometime... who knows?


Walk & Run Animation

As a followup to my last blog post, here's my walk & run animation with Baz (walking) and Jon (running) from my Character Design assignment. This was THE HUGEST PAIN to get to work in Flipbook. I might give this a rework sometime since there wasn't a lot of time to get this done, but I did what I could with the time I had.


Takin' Care of Business & Chavvin' It Up

Contrasting characters for a Character Design assignment, designed for the walk & run animation. I decided to spruce up the sheets I did of them both digitally. There's things in both sheets I'd definitely fix if I did another pass over them both, like strengthening expressions and consistency.

Here's Jon the businessman...
...and Baz the chav here.

I hope the drawings speak for themselves of what kind of characters these are! :P The animation of them, which I should be posting next week, will be Baz walking and Jon running into him from behind, late for work. Baz will probably flip him one at least.


Royal Winter Fair: Life Drawings

Here are some animal drawings, all done obnoxiously lightly in col-erase (which is why I had to take photos of most of them for them to show up, hence the hodgepodged collections). Next time I'll draw darker!

Also below is a study of a mouse deer skeleton. I couldn't find good references for the muscles so they're not very accurate.
I have other life drawings lying around but they're quite large and for me to scan them would be *yawn*.... too much. |3 Zzzzzzz (it's 12:38 and I'm tired)


Interior Painting: An Inside Job

Our second painting assignment of the year was an interior so I took the layout I did for Layout and painted that.
Another Zelda-themed painting because I was listening to the Link To The Past soundtrack and wanted to draw a similar scene like in Link's house around waking up in the night to find a letter... the theme was ANXIETY. What does the letter say? OOoooOOOooo~

Final painting was done rather quickly considering my usual painting speed... about 3.5 hours. Done in watercolor.




Beats for my next storyboard assignment based on the theme of "it keeps happening." Mine is about pidgeons that explode into buttery popcorn and a fat kid who eats it all.

Rough storyboards are due this week so I gotta get workin~ I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE DEADLINES BRO


Digital painting is fun

This style is fun for me and I like the look of the results, especially on the second pic. Hopefully come semester 2 at Sheridan (where we do digital painting in class) I'll hone my skills in painting further. Any tips are appreciated! :)

Here's some more little traditional-styled art:

The start of caricatures

I'm going to need at least 30 caricatures for Character Design class by the end of the semester. Good, because I need a lot of practice with it. Here's 3 of my friends I tested my skills on:
The bottom one is my favorite. It definitely turned out the best. The first two I'd need to try again... haha. I'd just watched the Triplets of Belleville again so I'm sure that had something to do with the nose...


Weight, Lift & Toss Animation

Woo! Second animation of the year done!
This is my weight, lift and toss assignment. The character needs to pick up a heavy object and toss it. I used my gator character, Zagser for this, though he's a simplified model here compared to my character model sheet of him. I took the spines out so I didn't have to animate those. The object is a giant pill bug :3

I didn't want to get too nit-picky with this one because of time constraints. I might revisit this and make it a little better sometime.

Sorry for the quality. I drew everything too big and had to shoot it on two pieces of paper... watch in 480p for best quality.


Some sketches from today

Just some sketches I did in Character Design today...
some Laytons
Zagser and Pete Emslie have a disagreement!
PETE EMSLIE DREW THIS, NOT ME! But I thought it was cute so I wanted to share it :3


First Painting of the Year

My first painting assignment this year was an exterior. I'm so glad we were allowed a lot more freedom with media and style this time. Done in watercolor and colored pencil. I'm not terribly enthused about the finished piece... If you think this looks familiar well you're right. It's the Southern Swamp boat tour center from Majora's Mask.

Here's some tonals and color thumbnails:

Wave Boat Sack Animation

First Animation assignment of 2nd year DONE. I'm not particularly proud of this... but I got it done on time. Instead of a boat, I made the sack ride a dead fish. The wave caused many frustrations and so did getting things to sync correctly... but I believe if I did it properly the first time it wouldn't be an issue. OH WELL.


Pete Emslie caricature get! Also sketches

First of all, Mr. Peter Emslie captured me most amazingly in this caricature I was lucky to obtain.
AWW YEAH! He got my excessively-large dimples haha.

Okay here's two sketches I did today: more minis of my gator character and a detective elephant
That's all for now~

Lift & Toss Character Design

Here's my character model and pose sheet for my Weight Lift & Toss animation assignment. The character is Zagser, I drew him in my sketchbook not too long ago. I threw some color and stuff on it because the blandness of white paper was bothering me.

I'm hoping my design is relatively easy for me and won't cause too many headaches. I'm worried about the tail and spines. I had a hard enough time drawing it properly haha. I foresee frustration in the studio...

Yes he's going to throw a big friendly pill bug!


"My Father" & "The Leader" Story Beats

These are two poems interpreted into beat boards for Storyboarding class. The boards are rough and only one story will be put into final storyboard.Here's my first one, "The Leader" which I used the story of Moses for.

Here's my second one, "My Father." For this I decided to reverse the characters and make the dad a human and the son a wolf, so he's still alienated in species but not in the way the poem intends.

I'm thinking of going to final with "My Father" so I don't have to deal with the crowd of Hebrews in "The Leader" :S For now it's still undecided. I'll post more work on this in the near future. :)


Solronté Returns & New Sketchbook Sketches

Here's Solronté (the sketch from my last post) in color! I decided on warm colors and grays you'd see in the city on walls and buildings, along with the gold to represent electricity and sun. Also below are two sketches from my new recycled paper sketchbook. I love the texture of it :3

"Out of the Sea, Into the Air" Doodled this coming out of intoxication and listening to this song.
"Bone Elephant" I did the head last night and the body today. I'm not completely happy with the body. I should have just left it as a head...


Solronté, Dragon of the Shining City

A sketch I started on the train back from Toronto last night. I used the city night and sun as my inspirational materials for this dragon. I named him Solronté, accordingly. Not sure how I'm going to approach his body design, it's still a work in progress.


Class starts on Tuesday! I can't wait to learnnnn. :]


Lions... Oh My!

After doodling this pic below in response to this tweet, I got overcome with the urge to doodle more lions. So I did.
Here's where I got carried away.
The "painting" proves how much work I really need to do on this sort of style. It's very simple of course, I probably could have gone on and on with it but ehh :/ I can't wait til Digital Painting class this year so I can work on getting better at this type of thing. Excuse the awkward structure of it as well, I didn't draw it beforehand, just started laying color down. Probably a bad idea!! :i

Over and out! Rawr!