Muzzle + Beak Characters

Oops! I haven't posted my character designs for the muzzle and beak animation yet. Consider that fixed now. I did a 'New Guinea' theme with a cassowary and sugar glider character.
I swear the wattles actually look like that...

classy lady

Have a good one!


DKC Bestiary Art Book - preview sketches

These are sketches for an art project that's been ongoing since December. I plan to make a bestiary art book of every enemy, animal buddy and boss from the 3 Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. I decided to do this simply because I'm a huge fan of the games. The book will be in full color and contain all art by myself. As well as offered for free download when complete (donations accepted/appreciated), I'd like to print physical copies too. Please share with all the DKC fans! :)